About Us

What is Pollen Blocker Protection?

Our mission at Pollen Blockers Eyewear is to help people protect one of their most important assets…their vision. This has been our “vision” for years. Our sunglasses have been carefully planned to help protect your eyes in three different ways.

  • Our sunglasses help minimize your eye’s exposure to pollen and particulates
  • Complete protection from UVA and UVB light
  • Basic impact protection can help protect our eyes from injury


Why are these factors important?

The sun rays can cause both acute and chronic damage to our eyes. In an acute sense, our eyes can suffer from photokeratitis, also known as welder’s flash, or snow blindness. Chronically, sun damage may lead to cataract formation, corneal growths called pterygium, and has also been implicated in macular degeneration. While many sunglasses claim their lenses offer 100% UV protection, sun exposure can also affect the eyes from the sides, as well as the top and bottom of the sunglasses. Our sunglasses utilize a gasket eyecup seal which may afford the wearer additional protection from exposure of the sun’s rays. The wrap-around styling also aids in the UV light blockade.

Ragweed irritant Pollen Blockers
Ragweed up close. No wonder it is such an irritant.

The gasket eyecup seal also helps minimize the impact of pollen and particulate matter that is airborne, which may come in contact with our eyes. People with allergies, specifically those with eye allergy symptoms, often have few alternatives for effectively managing their eye allergies. While medications may work for some, there are many people that find they cannot obtain sufficient relief with the use of medication. In addition, medications always carry the potential of side-effects, which may limit their use. Of course, cost can be an issue as well, as these therapies can be expensive, especially if they are required year after year.

The materials we use in the construction of our sunglasses are among the strongest available for use in eyewear. While we certainly agree with the recommendations of ophthalmology societies and specialists regarding the use of certified, protective eyewear during sporting activities, we realize that people are not always able to follow these recommendations, for a variety of reasons. We therefore made our sunglasses to provide a basic level of impact protection as would be required for casual outdoor leisure activities.