How It Works

How Does it Work?

Pollen Blocker Eyewear was formed with one goal in mind: protecting your eyes with style. Our sunglasses incorporate three separate protective technologies, all in one attractive package.

First, our glasses implement the removable “PollenGuard” gasket seal, designed to help keep pollen and other particulates out of the eye. This is an important strategy for those who suffer with eye allergies during outdoor activities. Unlike some other sunglasses, our gasket uses closed cell EVA foam, which will not collect pollen or dust, and which can be easily wiped clean.

Secondly, our glasses are strong, incorporating polycarbonate frames and lenses, the same material used to make military-spec goggles and industrial safety glasses.

Lastly, our lenses offer complete UVA and UVA (ultraviolet light) protection. Along with the gasket seal, the UVA/UVB lenses help protect your eyes from the damaging effects of the sun’s rays.

Irritated eye pollenguard gasket seal
Avoid irritated eyes by using our PollenGuard gasket seal


Who Is it For?

In a word, everyone!  Medical research has clearly indicated that all individuals should be protected from the sun’s damaging rays by protective, well fitting sunglasses.  These recommendations are easy to find, like the following recommendations reprinted from Wills Eye Hospital website.

“DO wear sunglasses, plain or with prescription lenses, to protect the eyes against sunlight and on cloudy days to protect against ultraviolet radiation. Make certain the sunglasses specify 99 percent ultraviolet blocking capability because darkness of lenses does not mean the same thing and darker lenses are not always better.”

Keep in mind the Pollen Blocker Eyewear sunglasses are not ordinary sunglasses.  They utilize the special “PollenGuard” gasket seal which aids in protecting our eyes from the sun’s damaging rays, and helps minimize the amount of pollen and particulates that can make contact with our eyes.

You should seriously consider Pollen Blocker Eyewear if you:

  • Have allergies, such as itchy, scratchy, or watery eyes
  • Work outdoors, or are often outdoors.
  • Are active in sports or recreational activities
  • Need the convenience of traditional fit sunglass AND a goggle-style fit with straps
  • Want to protect your eyes from the damaging effects of the sun’s rays
  • Are serious about protecting the eye health of yourself and your family