What others are saying about Pollen Blockers Eyewear

Eye Irritation Pollen Blockers
Avoid eye irritation by wearing Pollen Blockers Eyewear

“I replaced my everyday sunglasses with these sunglasses.”

“They really helped keep the dust and pollen out of my eyes.  I did not have to use eyedrops when I wore the glasses”.

“Keep my eyes from itching, they really did work!”

“Excellent sunglasses for the allergy season.  A must-have for those with allergies.  Great for vacation or everyday use.”

“Give the glasses a try because I did get relief”

“Score the glasses an 8 for keeping the eyes from getting itchy”

“They are perfectly tinted for day driving”

“I know they are protecting from the allergens.”

“The glasses were very easy to wear.  They were more like a sport sunglass which worked well for me while I played tennis and ran around with the kids.  My husband wore them to cut grass…and said they were just like his [designer brand] he wears everyday!  He thought they were great to keep out the grass and dust.”

“The glasses are great to use to prevent itchy eyes due to allergies.”

“These sunglasses helped a lot”

“They helped keep the pollen from itching my eyes.”

“Keeps out more than the sun.”

“They fit well and really did keep particulates away from my eyes.  They looked nice too.”

“Try them!”